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Travel Coordinator

Do you have your own concept and your own contacts? I can help you to coordinate and arrange your group travel abroad. Would it feel great to have your own Travel Coordinator? Would you like someone to just-get-it-done? Than I can help you! I have worked in the travel agency for many years, since 1996 and knows what needs to be done to keep track of all details. 


Have you ever felt like you do so many other things than the things you earn money from? In eg. responding to e-mails, make arrangements and organizing, making orders, develop contracts and more? The amount of time you have to put down on organizing and planning in your business slowly grows bigger with time.  Sure, some part of the organizing and planning is and will be a natural part for you since you being the leader of your own business; although, some of those things is not lucrative for your business. It is not always an easy decision do define the tasks alone. I therefore offer a free session of 30 minutes where we together work this question out together.


Do you want to work from anywhere in the world? Mentor was an old friend and adviser for Odysseus in greek mythology. The word mentor has since than come to mention a person who takes advantage of hers knowledge to teach and guide others. The mentee can be older or younger than the mentor, in this context where knowledge is key, that does not matter. You can chose between Private mentor sessions over phone or internet or you can chose the effective email mentoring sessions.


To have your own website don’t  need to be expensive. I can help you put it the website up and running, and after that you can manage everything yourself; at any time to your convenience from your computer, through a tablet or even through your Smartphone. A assure you a new world of opportunities opens up for you at once. You can show up your products and market yourself in ways you could not before. To create your own future has everything with good leadership. Walking a new path and to live according to your own beliefs and values is freedom for many people. With one step at a time and together with the right tools this truly is possible. Later on if you need guidance I can act your mentor and also help you with the tasks you shouldn't put time into.


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About Us

ArtMinistra is a consulting company that works with business and leadership development. In our work we focus on the person's experience or specific situation in a project as the starting point. By working with S.M.A.R.T goals we create a secure foundation for collaboration, personal development and the project's survival.

ArtMinistra.net offers services that develop individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses when they are facing a change.

We have the values of the LEAN approach as our foundation and the Lean house as a symbol of stability. We appreciate the feeling of security it means working with S.M.A.R.T-goals when making an agreement.

Help people locally and globally developing so they can stand on their own two feet in their private lives, projects or business, either it is as a resident or as a nomad.

To be the number ONE choice for small businesses and private customers who want a reliable supplier they can feel safe with and to follow their process close up.

People and businesses who have the courage to actively chose to change (developed). There may be individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and creative people.

We help our clients towards their goals.

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